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"You may not think you know me, but I'm sure you've seen my face
In back yards, fields, and busy streets, you'll find us any place

I'm what you'd call a rescue dog, who needs a safety heaven
I may be thin, and sickly, too, but I promise I'm worth saving

I'm the dog who lives next door, the one you always see outside
Seeking shelter from the sun, and a cool, safe place to hide

You have seen me on the streets with no place to call home
Or maybe in an open field, scared and sad, and all alone

But did you know that there's a place that was built with me in mind?
Where people love and care for me and and show me the world is kind

Where no dogs will go hungry, where peace and love abounds
Where kind and caring people will always be around

I may be scared of humans because of what they've put me through
But my heart is quite forgiving, won't you please take me with you?

Take me to that rescue place, they'll help me find a home
And they'll make sure while I'm waiting, I'll never be alone

I'm small, I'm meek, I'm timid, but I'll be strong before they're through
For life will begin again for me, if you'll take me to the Rescue."
Text by Voluntary Rescue Transport Group, providing Rescues, Fosters and Forever Homes to animals in need.
See Voluntary Rescue Transport Group  - and their National Pet Transport List!

B.R.A.T.- Basenji Rescue and Transport  - Adoption, Placement, Health and Foster Care, Education, Support

B.C.O.A.- Basenji Club of America  - provide care for Basenjis in crisis situations

Wayward Basenjis  - this website provides a place for rescuers to advertise basenjis needing a home

The Basenji Fanciers of Greater Phoenix  - Arizona

The Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue  - California

Colorado Basenji Rescue  - Colorado

Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club  - Mid-Atlantic States

Americas Basenji Rescue  - Mid-West (based in Indiana)

B.E.A.R. (Basenji Education and Rescue)  - Ohio

Evergreen Basenji Club  - Seattle

Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin  - Wisconsin

The Fund For Animals
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